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Good question, but a difficult one to answer. It depends a lot on what your website needs to do, how many pages it requires, how many products you sell, whether or not you can provide quality images and copy, and a whole slew of additional considerations. We can give you a custom quote based on your project, or you can choose from one of our affordable design packages on our pricing page.

Swamp Rabbit Media does offer website maintenance packages and we will be happy to discuss your site maintenance needs with you. Call or contact us today!

Hosting with Swamp Rabbit Media is very straight-forward. Our hosting programs start $9.99 per month and include unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free SSL, and 99.9% uptime. 

It depends on the depth and complexity of your website, how many pages you require, how many products you sell, and many other factors. As a baseline, basic five page sites can generally take 2-4 weeks from consultation to launch. 

Absolutely! Your website and all its content are yours upon full payment, with a few exceptions. If we have purchased usage rights for images, scripts, or other assets, those assets are restricted by their respective rights agreements. All code written by Swamp Rabbit Media is open source and can be used, edited, and distributed by anyone without restriction. Swamp Rabbit Media also reserves the right to use your website in the marketing and promotion of our services. 

Our initial consultation will typically involve questions about your business. We will want to know what products and sevices you offer, how long you have been in business, what areas you serve, and what makes you stand apart from your competitors. We will also want to know if you have any existing marketing assets (i.e. logo, brochures, existing website, social media profiles, radio or television ads, etc.). The more information that you can bring to the table, the better.

While we certainly encourage you to host your website with us, you are not required to do so. We can work with any hosting provider although there are a few we would steer you away from. If you are trying to decide on a hosting company, we are happy to advise you.

All website design, development, and optimization services are performed in-house. We also provide in-house content development, copywriting, social media management, and ad management services.

If you host your website with Swamp Rabbit Media, you will be provided with a free SSL certificate for the life of your account. If you host your site elsewhere, we may still be able to provide a free SSL certificate, depending on your provider.

If your website is built on a CMS platform like WordPress or Shopify, we will provide basic training to familiarize you and you staff with the platform. And if you get stuck, we are always willing to help! If your site is built with custom HTML5, CSS, and javaScript, we will charge an hourly rate for maintenance and updates, and/or training.

We build custom websites utilizing a variety of platforms. When utilizing a CMS like WordPress or Shopify we typically use a scaffolding theme and build a child-theme on top of it. Rest assured when the Swamp Rabbit builds your website we can make it as unique as your business.

Generally, we recommend that you leave the copy to us. There is a whole lot of  opportunity to improve search visibility, user experience, and conversion rates where web copy is concerned. Unless, you are, or have hired a professional to provide copy for your website, we encourage you to let us manage this very important aspect of your website’s design.

You may provide images if you are so inclined. However, we are very particular about the images used on your website and design decisions often require images of certain sizes and orientation.

If yours is an ecommerce website, we encourage you to hire a professional photographer to produce high-quality product images.

Swamp Rabbit Media does not provide photography services, however we do have relationships with several high-profile image repositories and can typically provide appropriate images for any website.

Swamp Rabbit Media builds onsite SEO into every project. If yours is a local business this is often enough to land you on Google’s first page. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees.

If you are doing business in a highly competitive market, onsite SEO may not be enough. If this is the case, Swamp Rabbit Media can help with off-sitre SEO services that will help get you found.

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We get it. Planning your website can be complicated and, at times confusing.

We’re here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We are happy to help!

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