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SEO Should Be The #1 Tool In Your Marketing Tool Kit

Search optimization is vitally important for your online presence. If you are not being found in search results, it is unlikely you will be found at all. Search engines are the Yellow Pages of the 21st century with 91% of internet users utilizing search engines to find goods and services.

And like the Yellow Pages, those businesses that show up first in their category win the lion’s share of the business. In fact, the top five results receive 75% of clicks and the number one position has an average click-through rate of 32.4%. 

Getting to Google’s first page can be a challenge, especially in highly competitive markets. Still, it can be done and we can show you how.

Proven SEO Techniques

Swamp Rabbit’s proven search optimization techniques are one of the greatest advantages that our clients enjoy. We have proven time and again that proper on-site SEO is the fuel that drives your online success.

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On-Site SEO - The Foundation of Search Visibility

If there is one aspect of search optimization that remains constant it is the fact that solid on-site SEO is the foundation of search visibility. A well-optimized website is the first step in achieving a strong presence in search, and a strong search presence is what drives traffic to your website.

Properly optimized metadata, clean concise code, topical, purpose-driven content, effective use of textual hierarchies, and intelligent internal linking strategies are just a few of the tools we use to help put you at the top of search results.

If your website is built by Swamp Rabbit Media, you can rest assured that your on-site SEO is top-notch. If you have an existing website that is doing poorly in search, we can perform a one-time, on-site optimization to help get you to that coveted first page.

Off-Site SEO - Building An Online Presence

Expanding your digital footprint is the key to off-site SEO. Taking advantage of online directories, review sites, social media, and industry-specific blogs and forums can help build your presence online.

If you are in a highly competitive market, a well-optimized website may not be enough. You will need to expand your presence online through off-site SEO.

Swamp Rabbit Media can help with blog development and maintenance, newsletters, social media management, and more. 

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Putting Google To Work For You

Google owns nearly 70% of the search market. Getting your site to show up here is vitally important. Fortunately, Google offers many tools that can help you with your search optimization efforts.

Swamp Rabbit Media can help you to take advantage of these tools and put Google to work for you!

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Fountain Works is a fountain services company with locations in five Texas cities. Their greatest challenge was achieving first-page rankings in all five of their primary markets for multiple keywords.

After redesigning their website and optimizing it for search they now rank on page one in all five markets for multiple keywords. 

"I highly recommend anyone looking for a professional, stress free web designer to try Swamp Rabbit Media. You will never regret it!"
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R. McKenzie
New York


"Swamp Rabbit Media produced outstanding results and our business has increased dramatically. We will certainly recommend this firm to others."
M. Birnbom
"We are overjoyed with the results and are delighted to report our site is on Google's page one - and likely to stay there - thanks to MJ's expertise."
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S. Benoit
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